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SuryaShakti Kisan Yojana Beneficial For Farmers

SuryaShakti Kisan Yojana Beneficial For Farmers
Government of Gujarat has announced solar power scheme. Through this plan Farmers will be able to produce electricity from sunshine in their fields and produce them The electricity used can be used in agriculture. Apart from this, additional electricity Selling Viagyagam will earn extra income.

Farmers have at least the total
Five percent of the cost reimbursed Agriculture will have to be announced but the amount of darning If you want to fill it, you can fill it. The amount of loan will be taken as much as it fills and the income is due to it More will happen. And the state government will pay 60 percent of the subsidy amount. Farmer On behalf of the state government, the remaining amount will be charged for cheap interest loans. Loan Duration must be 7 years. Solar panels of one kilowatt solar power per horsepower To be given. If a farmer wants to install more kilowatt panels, Regarding the rules, it will be allowed.

Electricity generated from extra panels The state government subsidy will be bought at 3.50 per unit and the subsidy on the state government Will not be receivable Farmers' Committee joining the scheme per sky feeder Will have to build Sky Feeder will get electricity at 12 hours a day, but The farmer will get 8 hours of power supply without joining this scheme. Lightning After the production and consumption, the unit grid comes in before the unit
For seven years, Rs. 7 / - per unit will be paid to the farmer. Of which Rs. 3.50 per Unit power company will pay. State Government to the remaining Rs.3.50 per unit farmers Subsidy will be tossed. Farmer's loan installment has been recovered from such total amount

After the expiration of the time, electricity will be given per unit in the grid for the remaining 18 years The savings after which will be deposited directly into the bank account of the farmer. 7 year old loan For the farmer 3.50 per unit will be paid.