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New Record In Lok Sabha Elections,78 Women In Parliament 2019

A total of 724 women were in the Meghna in the 2019 general elections New record in Lok Sabha elections, 78 women in parliament . New Delhi MPs got victory while 15th Women MPs in Loksabha.

The most won in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Women in Parliament Bill numbering for more than 33% reservation of women as MPs Elected. When 542 MPs are sworn in. 27 out of 41 sitting women MPs Sonia Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh women MPs And from West Bengal, 11 Gandhi, Hema Malini and
11 women including Kiran Kher are also involved.

78 women will be involved. Now with them In this election in the Lok Sabha elections The total number of 724 women who won the grand victory In the Congress, 54 women candidates like Smriti Irani Women were included while BJP and Pragnya Thakur also added. 

Remembrance About 53 women were involved. In this Lok Sabha elections, With 14 percent women MPs, defeating Rahul Gandhi by 195 runs "Giant Clear" This is the most proved in the 17th Lok Sabha this time. BJP's Pragya Singh More women MPs will be involved. Thakur Congress leader Digvijay Singh
Earlier, 64 women were defeated in the 16th Lok Sabha.