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HSC March -2019 (General stream, vocational flow and higher basic flow) Important Instructions

HSC March -2019 (General stream, vocational flow and higher basic flow)

(1) Prospectus applications online from 28-05-2017 to 04-06-2019 Will be accepted until.
Gram verification applications are from the board's web site or
You have to be online.

(2) Two weeks after the receipt of the record verification applications Will be accepted.

(3) Up to 30 days of receipt of the result for obtaining a certificate from grace The marks of the candidate will be accepted to be canceled.

(4) Candidate desiring to get the certificate, Hsc wishes to appear in March 2020 In the 90 days, applicants in the application form will be eligible to receive the results  The application form to be submitted will be deposited in the board office.
(For All Flow)

(5) If the name / spelling is to be improved, the result is declared online from 10 to 10
Immediate by the day, the school appoints the board with paperwork and updated mark sheet Getting

(6) In the subject of the March-2019 exam in July-2019 on one subject Examinations of the candidates requiring improvement of the result (list) marks School Principal in the given time limit without waiting for verification The board will have to send by 10-10-2019.

(7) Afternoon Examination 2019 dated 14-07-2016 at 03:00 03:00 to 06:15 Will be taken during the hour. Every student will have to report it. Note Analyst candidates will not be able to give supplementary examination of July-2015, each of whichP rincipal should take note.

More details can be found on the board's web site