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non-government grants-in-aid Online application to fill vacancies of teacher

Office of the Higher Education Commissioner, Gandhinagar
Law and Education Department in non-government grants-in-aid
Online application to fill vacancies of teacher assistants Matter to invite Central recruitment process for non-government grants for higher education commissioner's office, Gandhinagar

Depending on the consent given, based on the number of workforce and number of students in non-government grant-in-aid colleges
| Education Department 14-09-2011, Ta. 14-11-2011, Ta. 16-08-2017, Ta. 27-07-2017, Ta. 18-05
| Resolution of the Department of Education to fill the vacancies from "Professor Assistant" as per the resolutions held in 2018 and on time No .: NGC-112010-1269-B (P.F.) Ta. Education was sanctioned since 11-08-2016, under which education And for different subjects of law, 77 of the education faculty and 46 for law faculty

Online applications from educational qualification candidates are invited to the website
Is performed. UGC Regulation 2010 and 2018 and N, C.TE. By 2014 and subsequently from time to time The eligibility criteria fixed by the reforms and the eligibility as per the standards prescribed by the government Standards will remain.

The eligibility criteria for this recruitment process as well as all other details and conditions regarding this are available on the website Is there. Eligible candidates 07-03-2019 to dt. Website by 17:59 hours on 21-03-2019 only needs to apply online. Found by any other means Tue 02-03-2019
| Ajo will not be taken for meditation. Commissioner
Place Gandhinagar
Rank: Kavat-Bharat-2019-7771 Higher Education