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Latest Updates : 3 March 2019

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1. Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar at present?
Answer-> Nitish Kumar
2. Where will the world's largest safari park be built?
Answer-> How to make 1 km away from the Statue of Unity
3. What is the headquarters of Narmada district?
Answer-> Rajpipla
4. Where is the palace located in a thousand room?
Answer-> At Rajpipla of Narmada district
5. Which district is known as Minsk Kashmir of Gujarat?
Answer:> Narmada
6. What is the full name of SIMS?
Answer-> State Infrastructure Monitoring System
7. Why did the state government launch the PRANAM commission?
Answer-> Assam State Government
8. What is the full name of PRANAM?
Answer-> Parents Responsibility and Norms for Accountability and Monitoring

9. Where is Kaziranga Sanctuary located?
Answer-> In Assam
0. Where did the ministry launch the Shreyas scheme?
Answer-> Human Resources Ministry
10. Where was the inauguration of Bio Asia?
Answer-> Hyderabad
11. Who won gold medal in the Makran Cup Boxing Championship?
Answer-> Deepak Singh
12. Deepak Singh became a champion in the category of how many Kilograms?
Answer-> 49 kilograms in
13. Has the player been honored with the knight hood?
Answer-> Alicher Cook
14. When are national scientists celebrated?
Answer-> 28th February
15. In whose memory is National National Day celebrated?
Answer-> cv In the remembrance of Raman
16. What is the theme of Science Day?
Answer-> Science for people and people for science
17. How many players from Gujarat were selected in the Special Olympic Games held for the Divyang players at Abujadi in 2019?
Answer-> 14 players
18. Who is the current Civil Aviation Minister of India?
Answer-> Suresh Prabhu
19. Who is the Minister of State of aviation in Gujarat?
Answer-> Jayant Sinha
20. Who is serving as the Union Textile Minister in India?
Answer-> Smriti Irani
21. Recently Smriti Irani inaugurated the museum?
Answer-> Titanwala (in Rajasthan)
22. Who has been awarded the e-governance award of 2019?
Answer-> Jitendra Singh
23. Who is currently the Union Sports Minister?
Answer-> Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
24. Who has given the META Lifetime Achievement Award?
Answer-> Mahesh Elkchharna
25. What is the full name of META?
Answer-> Mahindra excellence in Theater
26. At present, where did the two players get the gold medal in the World Cup?
Answer-> Saurabh Chaudhary and Sona Bhakar
27. Who is the first Indian player to score 350 sixes?
Answer:> Mahendra Singh Dhoni
28. Where is the Doffeesans Award given in the field?
Answer-> In magical field
29. Is the PC Government associated with the field either?
Answer-> with juggling field
30. Where is Bhavnath Fair filling?
Answer-> Near the River Golden River in Girnar, Junagadh
31. When is the festival of Bhavnath filled?
Answer-> Mahashivaratri Mahavadh on the day of thirteen
32. Who has recently been awarded the 14th Peace Prize?
Answer:> Mr. Narendra Modi
33. How is the 14th Peace Prize awarded to Shri Narendra Modi?
Answer-> South Korea
 34. Who is currently the chairman of National Commission for Justice?
Answer-> Dr. Vallabh Kathiria
35. What is the full name of FATF?
Answer-> Financial Action Task Force
36. What is the work of FATF?
Answer:> FATF's work is to create rules for prevention of financial help for illegal activities.
37. When International Indian Languages ​​are celebrated?
Answer-> 21st February
38. What is the full name of UNESCO?
Answer-> United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
39. Q year was celebrated as International Year of Speech?
Answer-> 2008
40. Who is currently serving as Chairman of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly?
Answer-> Rajendra Bhai Trivedi
41. Where did Arrow India start in 2019?
Answer-> Near the Yelhanka Air Force near Bangalore
42. How long will the program of Arrow India 2019 be run?
Answer-> 4 days (20 to 24 February)
43. Where is Asia's largest air show?
Answer-> In India (800 companies are participating)
44. When does the World Social Justice Day celebrate?
Answer-> February 20
45. What was the theme of the World Social Justice Day this year?
Answer-> If You Want Development, Work For Justice
46. ​​What is the full name of the ILO?
Answer-> Internation Labor Organaization
47. Where is the headquarters of the ILO?
Answer-> Geneva (in Switzerland)
48. Where was the present Parachuting World Cup played in the country?
Answer-> Dubai
49. In India's para-shooter and how many meters in the air pistol and in the team event did Goldmodel do it in his own name?
Answer:> India's gold medal in the 10-meter air pistol SH1 team event was won
50 Day of the World Social Justice Day is celebrated?
Reply .. February 20
51. World social justice day is celebrated since the year?
Answer: since 2007
52. How much is Gujarat ranked in the skill development scheme?
Answer .. 15th rank
53. Who is the Union Minister for Skill Development, Employment Minister?
Answer: Anantkumar Hegde
54. Where was the 40th annual International Annual Rally Festival held?
Answer: Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
55. What is the name of the operation launched against the terrorists recently in Pulwa?
Answer: Operation-25
56. Who is known as "the rat of the hill" in history?
Answer: Shivaji Maharaj
57. Who is known as "Father of Indian Navy"?
Answer: Shivaji Maharaj
58. Who is the author of the book "Simplicity and wisdom"?
Answer: Dinesh Shahrao
59. Who is known as "Captain Fantastic"?
Answer: Sunil Khatri
60. Who has been awarded the first Football Ratna Award?
Answer: Captain Sunil Khatri of Indian football team
61. Where is the "National Tribal Museum" going to be built?
Answer: Garudeshwar (Narmada)
62. Which number of emigrants, including police, ambulance and fire brigade, have been implemented throughout the country, across the country?
Answer: 112
63. Was the founder of the Great Maratha Empire born on 19th February 1630?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
64. Who is the first founder of the Maratha Empire?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
65. Who was the successor to Shivaji Maharaj?
Answer: Sambhaji Bhosale
66. Who is the novel of "love a worship"?
Answer: Bhupat Vadodaria
67. Today, on 19/2/1473, where is the birth of a great astronomer?
Answer: Nicholas Copernicus
68. Who is known as the father of modern astronomy?
Answer: Nicholas Copernicus
69. All the planets revolve around the sun, who first appeared?
Answer: Nicholas Copernicus
70. Has the state recently declared the Chief Minister's Aged Pension Scheme?
Reply .. Bihar
71. Who is the new Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes?
Answer: Pramodchandra Modi
72. Where is ISSF World Cup shooting happening?
Answer .. India .. 3rd time
73. On February 15, 1564, where was the great scientist born?
Answer: Galileo Galilei
74. Who was the nickname "Polymath"?
Answer: Galileo Galilei
75. Who is known as "father of scientific method, father of modern physics"?
Answer: Galileo Galilei
76. Which school is selected as the best school in the state's first year?
Answer: Bhavnagar Swaminarayan High School
77. Where is the birthday of the great Bhagavatakatha car on 15th February?
Answer: Pujya Dongarji Maharaj
78. Who was known as Pujya Devgadaji Maharaj's avatar?
Reply ..
79. What was the full name of Pujya Dongarji Maharaj?
Answer: Ramchandra Keshav Dongar
80. Recently, India has been appointed as the second most ... .. Who is appointed as the Election Commissioner?
Answer: Sushil Chandra
81. Who is the Chief Electoral Officer of India?
Answer: Sunil Arora .. in 23
82. When was the formation of the Indian Chief Election Commission?
Answer: On 25/1/1950
83. Which day is celebrated on 25th January?
Answer: National voter day
84. Who invented the rules of thermometer and pendulum?
Answer: Galileo A.
85. Which Indian has been honored recently by the famous "David's Award of the David Reward"?
Answer: Sanjay Subramanyam
86. Today, on February 15, "Sujalam, Sufalam water campaign"
Where will the initiation begin?
Answer: Tarnetar - Surendranagar
87. On February 14, 1905, where is the painter's birthday?
Answer: Somalal Shah
88. Who is known as the "Poet of Color", "Poet of Colors"?
Answer: Somalal Shah
89. Who invented the radio?
Answer: Gugli Lomomarko A
90. Which of the famous actresses of Indian cinema is also a birthday on 14 February 1933?
Answer: Madhubala
91. What is the full name of Madhubala?
Answer: Mumtaz Jahan Begum
92. Who is known in the world as "The beauty with tragedy", "The Cinema of the Venus .."?
Answer: Madhubala
93. National Rivers - 2022 for which animal has been declared as a sign?
Answer: Cheetah
94. Where are the primary colors?
Answer: red, green, blue
95. Where are the primary "chants"?
Answer: Peacock, Maroon, Yellow
96. Which color is made by mixing the colors together?
Answer ... white
97. ISSF is the first Indian to be elected to the Judge Committee of "International Shooting Sports Federation .."?
Answer .. Wind lion
98. Where did the 13th Convention of the protection of the recently introduced tourist species?
Answer: Gandhinagar
99. The "sound" masterpiece of Rajendra Shah
"Speed ​​and sound" Where is the literary's?
Answer: Jayant Khatri
100. Who is the Prime Minister of India?
Answer: Narendra Modi