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Gujarat Ni Lok Sanskruti Granth Nirman Board Book Pdf

University Granth Nirman Board Publication Book In Pdf Gujarat Ni Lok Sanskrit Author Of Dr. Hsutaben Sedani Writing Gujarat Culture Download. Through my Gujarat University Grant-Making Board, my 'Lokkaskrishna of Gujarat' I am happy to publish the book. Saurashtra and Gujarat in the Bachelor's Degree course in Indian Culture The subject of 'Loksculture of Gujarat' has been introduced in the universities. So from This text has been prepared by covering the curriculum. thus However, there are ancillary issues that can be useful to the people of the culture Have been included.

In Chapter 1 as the role of 'Loksakshakti', the terminology of Loksaka, its origin, It describes the composition and its characteristics in an acronym. In chapter 2 Introduction of the main community of Gujarat has been introduced. It includes MER, AH, Introduction to Rabari, Bharwad, Koli, Wagari and Garuda Como and their habitat A subtle observation of place, genesis, subspecies dress, customs and so on
Finally, the flow of masses and festivals in the area of ​​folk culture As well as taking it, criticized the challenges raised in Loksanchka. In

Chapter 3 Introduction of 'Lok Dharam' and Lok Devi Deities Vows, festivals and religious beliefs And there is a description of religious symbols. In chapter 4, relating to Gujarat's petitions
Origins and symbols of traditions, shapes and symbols of shepherds, history instruments As his valor and his culture of glorification is his glory.

Chapter In the form of folklore and festivals, the particle has given a detailed description of the festivals. In it The forms of folk tales are Tarnetar, Vautha, Shamlaji, Bhavnath, Dakor, Madhavpur, Ruppala Apart from the fairs of places such as Golgamadanga fair, Chul Mela, Rangapanchi fair, tribal
Haremala, Dangi Darbar and Shaharalam and also the special fairs of Rosa Sarkhej
Subtle descriptions are given. Sandeep, Vadsavaiti and Gauravrata, Dwarka doll, Meghrajani Chhadi, Nagpanchami and Shitalasamatam, Samajapancham, Navratri, Dussera, Waghbarans
To summarize the publications of Dholera, Dhanteras, Tulsivivaha etc. also
gujarat ni lok sanskruti book