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Education for the benefit of Dalits, Adivasis, OBCs 200 points roster system again in institutions

Cabinet approval for canceling 13-point roster system in educational institutions Dalits Education for tribal, OBC benefits Re-point roster system in organizations

Decision to set up more 50 new universities, additional Rs. 2,790 crore fund approval Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Cabinet reshuffles another hydro power sector cabinet for 3 sugar mills Additional Rs. The 2,790-crore fund will be developed by giving Natal Energy status, The BJP government has made important decisions about Dalits, spine disorders, important decisions
Approved, hence Done matching green energy project
To please votebank For the tribals and OBCs, the airport or runway will cost Rs. 4,500 Hydro power companies will be able to use, Approval of expenditure of spine, investment to NHPC in Chinab Valley power project
In the educational institutions, the Central Committee of 200 Economic Affairs has again received West approval.
500 MW of Lanco-Teesta Hydro in Sikkim, Narayanagar and Orissa's Bhadrak in Bengal to apply point roster system
The decision has been taken. On Thursday, the project costing Rs 15 crore for the third railway line 907 crores for the acquisition of labor,
Orders Canceling the Roster System Invest in The plant is approved.

The central cabinet has allowed 13 points in the meeting, out of which 667 MW of two thermal power plants in Bihar Buxar of 1,866.31 crore
Empty by university professors
Investment is allowed to start MW, to give land ownership to the people who live there.
Was allowed. The people in the illegal colony where Delhi's super thermal power plant 1,320 Roster system is requested to be removed
Investment approval has been approved to ratify the proposal to constitute a committee under the chairmanship.Was there. The last of the present Modi Government

In order to consider 13 points for recruitment in the cities, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi started work in Amonio Cole Mines in Madhya Pradesh. Is available The committee has approved the land = Delhi Metro project phase-4
There was a Cabinet Meeting.
The owner will decide how to give. In which Arrow City from Delhi, Tughlakabad, RK
The Cabinet has called the loss-making thermal power project Jaitley said, by the Modi government
Have decided to give relief. Metro has been approved till Muzpur. Rather than the 13-point roster system

At the end of the meeting, Union Finance Minister Ashram from Janakpuri West and Mukandpur The ordinance to apply to the roster system
OBC has 200 points roster 13 point roster at central universities Government 13 points in universities
Approval has been granted. Chester system system? Opposition was dipped in sympathy What is the old 200 points for the reserve is what is 00 points 13 Extreme adipiscing of this system of points The ratification process was ratified 99 out of 200 seats come in SC, each of which has a new 13 point review petition

The Supreme Court has rejected the heavy roster system for the Department for ST and OBC For the reservation now the college in the old 200 point system or the entire system of the Dalits for implementation of the university, implemented the roster system 50 new central universities are considered by To review the OBC reservation applied judgment as a unit
The roster system will be applied. Supreme Court to put a single unit of one unit to the cabinet university and to put a tribal Reserves are reserved. The places were opposed to the reservation. After this governmentB ecause of the roster systemI s there. Jaitley said, 13 points

In the universities, the remaining seats of the weaker sections are included in the diy so that was. This issue will be issued in March by the India ordinance Reserves reduce seats. The restriction was declared. The signal was given. The representation was diminishing. Is unrequited.