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In the Technical Group of Std. 12 Science Subjects included

Gujarat Secondary and Higher, two of which have been compulsory. Secondary Education Board Higher Secondary, besides a vocational scheme The technical group of vocational streams has also been compulsorily compulsory. About this Decided to add a new topic, the circular issued out of the technical group Is there. These new schools have been informed since the academic year 2019-20.

So new The structure of the subject will be implemented. Students from this session chose this topic The Board will be able to make changes in the Technical Group. New topic in technical group The students who have joined the Technical Group include Physics, Mathematics Science consists of two subject compulsory and chemistry. Will remain In the new topic, three technical group students of science group -1 The topic is included. Must select a language in In the present day of the Technical Group, while the Board has a single language in the board.

The physical structure and mathematics in the new group-3 in both the subjects are in place The topic has been added. So the subject of the students is compulsory. While the group According to that, in any 4 of the new topics, chemistry, entrepreneurship, The topic will be selected. 

This new structure is designed for communication and engineering Two year out of four of these drawings implemented in the academic year 2019-20 are compulsory
The circular has been issued by the Board as it will. Apart from this, two in group-5
Was told. One subject of technical vocational subject by the boardT he new topics that are included in the group are compulsory.