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Illegal of LRD's physical test Minutes of the race, the marks were hidden

How many times did the candidate finish the race and kept it empty? After the physical test, finally the choice of the candidate Recruitment Board
There are doubts about the fall in Ahmedabad The recruitment of the Larkshakshakal has been hired. 8,76,356 Paper leakage adjustment candidates last 6
Not getting success.

Chairperson of the recruitment board exams written in January Now in the physical test After contacting the development aid, in the merit Pulpol is being operated The candidate decides to see the minute He said that of 76,012 candidates, Candidates are accusing Is there.

Candidates say that,
He may have, how many physical tests he has started.
Marcus has received, although male candidates in 25
The race has to be done to finish the race. Finish the race
After completing 5km race in the previous recruitment, after completing the candidate's check

How many marks are hidden in 10-15 minutes and Binding
Finished the race in minutes. After completing the race, the clock on the chart with the couture And the time of getting involved in the number of marks received is informed.
Only the roll number of candidates whose details are mentioned but today only the candidates Was there. But it is written from today itself. So the signature rolling charts
In the physical test minutes after the heavy adjustment questions have been raised.