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How To Number Portability In Jio?

If you are planning to port your number and you plan to port your number in JIO, then this news is for you. You can easily get your number followed by this step and port it to JIO. Learn how the number will be port.

PORT the number in such a way

- First, open Text Message, tap New Message. Then type in the message box, 'PORT <10 digit mobile number>' and send message to 1900.

- You will get a message that will contain the Unique Porting Code (UPC) and its expiry date. It will take him to the nearest Reliance Digital store.

- When going to the store by taking UPC, keep address with proofs for address proof, identity proof. Apart from this, keep a base card for KYC process. According to the Government's instructions, your number may be port in 7 days. It is necessary to pay the bill of your previous mobile service provider before the number PORT.

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