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Gujarat Police Recruitment 9713 In 2019

Gujarat Police 9713 Spaces directly Recruitment will be filled There will be 554 prisoners in the recruitment, 2019 Two new jails will be functional in the year
The announcement in Gandhinagar's presentation of the presentation of the Finance Minister
That is, in the year 2018, 26 deputy superintendents of police and 115 Police Inspectors, Class-II have been recruited. When now, In the new fiscal year of 2019-20, the police force has 9713 Police constables will be recruited by direct recruitment. In which 554 prisoners Sepoy is included.
In assembly house
Gujarat police recruitment 2019

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Crime and Criminal Traction
In the network system project
Gujarat is in the first place.
Activated in the state since 2013
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Integration of Offices
Has happened. Which means crime and Criminal Investigation Process accurate and Has become a chaperon. Saif End Secure Gujarat Project
Under the state of 1175 La Karaan 7463 CCTV cameras installed Come, four new prisons have been commissioned in the slab year. 8 jails Construction is under progress. 

Two of these jails are functioning in the year 2019-20
Increasing from 41 sq.m to 50 to 55 sq. Meters and the police sub-inspector Increasing the carpet area of ​​the Aconkan Thal 5 to 20 cm to 25 meters Be done Similarly the existing Carpet Area of ​​the residential building for the Costballs