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1. Who is the 'Goddess of Gujarat' creation?
Answer: Poet Nahanalal

2. Who is the pioneer of 'DolanShely'?
Answer: Poet Nahanalal

3. What other dolashelyi is known as?
Answer: Unnatural

4. What is the first poem of early Gujarati poetry?
Answer: Bapani Piper

5. Who is the poet of poetry of 'Bapna Piper'?
Answer: Poet Nahanalal

6. Whose work is Farbesvirah?
Answer: Poet Nahanalal

7. Who is the author of the novel paralysis?
Answer: Chandakant Bakshi

8. Who is the author of the novel 'The Shore of Loneliness'?
Answer: Chandakant Bakshi

9. Who is the author of 'Kathak Katha' novel?
Answer: Chandrakant Bakshi

10. Who is the author of the novel 'Echoes Dipped'?
Answer: Chandrakant Bakshi

11. Who is the author of 'Dynasty' novel?
Answer: Chandakant Bakshi

12. In which field is the Kalpi award given for contribution?
Answer: Ghazal

13. Who is the 'Kalpi Award' given by?
Answer: INT Aditya Birla Center for Performing Arts and Research

14. Who was given the first black award?
Answer: Amrit wounded

15. Why are the Kalpi award given?
Answer: Kalpi Award is given every year since 1997.

16. Who was given the Kalpi award of the year 2018?
Answer: Rajesh Vyas

17. Who has given 'Footfall' Hazel?
Answer: Adil Mansuri

18. Who is the author of 'Sheila Majmudar' novel?
Answer: Chinu Modi

19. Who is the author of the novel 'lack of price'?
Answer: Chinu Modi

20. Who is the author of the novel 'First Rain Splash'?
Answer: Chinu Modi

21. Who has the highest density of the entire universe?
Answer: Black Hole

22. What is used to check the purity of ghee?
Answer: Nitric acid

23. Tell us the nickname of painter Bansilal Verma?
Answer: Chakor

24. Charka was the king's emperor?
Answer: Raja Kanishka

25. Which is the first planned town of Independent India?
Answer: Chandigarh

26. Who wrote 'Gagan Opening Bari' anthology?
Answer: Chandrakta Sheth

27. Who wrote 'Nanda Samavedi', a well-known essayist?
Answer: Chandrakant Seth

28. When was the Kabaddi game included in the Asian Games?
Answer: 1990

29. How many points do you need to make in the first game to win a caram?
Answer: 29

30. Who gave the collection of 'Ektaara Bhajan'?
Answer: Zverechand Meghani

31. Who is the author of the novel 'Raghangaliya'?
Answer: Zverechand Meghani

32. Who is the author of the novel 'Jai of Gujarat'?
Answer: Zverechand Meghani

33. What is the 'wise' to which literature?
Answer: Zverechand Meghani

34. Who wrote the song 'Shiva's Lullaby'?
Answer: Zverechand Meghani

35. What is the term 'golden red'?
Answer: Kabaddi

36. What is the word 'duck'?
Answer: Find out

37. What is the term 'blocking'?
Answer: Volleyball

38. What is a trophy for which sport?
Answer: Cricket

29. What is the term 'silly point'?
Answer: Cricket

40. What is the distance between the two slots in the game of senior brothers and sisters of Kokho?
Answer: 24 meters

41. What does the sound of the following versions from 20Hz say?
Answer: Infrasonic

42. What is the sound of more than 20,000Hz versions?
Answer: Ultrasonic

43. What is the hearing power of a person measured?
Answer: Audio meter

44. Who was the first to use the term cancer?
Answer: Hippocrates

45. Where is Gaurishankar lake situated?
Answer: Bhavnagar

46. ​​Where is Nazarbag?
Answer: Vadodara

47. What is the highest point of sea level of Gujarat?
Answer: Wimba

48. What is the first solar power village in India?
Answer: Khodiya

49. Phagun is the folk dance of which state?
Answer: Bihar

50. 'Macha' is the famous folk dance of which state?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

51. Where is the rocket left in India?
Answer: Thumba

52. Where is the station to leave satellites in India?
Answer: Harakota

53. Rangoli is the folk dance of which state?
Answer: West Bengal

54. Mehndi is the folk art of which state?
Answer: Rajasthan

55. Kavadi folk dance is of which state?
Answer: Tamilnadu

56. What is the deepest port in India?
Answer: Vishakhapatnam

57. Q. Is the state in the production of spices in India?
Answer: Kerala

58. In which year did the postal system implement Pincod?
Answer: 1972

59. Yakshagana is the famous dance of which state?
Answer: Karnataka

60. What is the first multi-purpose plan of Independent India?
Answer: Damodar Valley Plan

61. Who laid the foundations of the widow marriage?
Answer: Godchandra Vidyasagar

62. Who was the person to call Mahatma Gandhi a 'half naked fakir'?
Answer: Westin Churchill

63. What was the first indigenous movement?
Answer: Bangabandh movement

64. Which independent of Gujarat is known by the epitome of 'Darbar'?
Answer: Gopaldas

65. Jasdan taluka is situated in which district?
Answer: Rajkot

66. When is 'Earth Hour' celebrated every year?
Answer: March 26

67. What is the best medicinal herb for 'worm disease'?
Answer: Vording

68. Which bird is known as 'Royal Bird' in Gujarat?
Answer: Flamingo

69. Which day is celebrated as 'National Women's Day'?
Answer: February 13

70. Who is the first woman to win the gold medal in wrestling?
Answer: Nayana Rana

71. When was Lata Mangeshkar honored with the Bharat Ratna?
Answer: 2001

72. Who is the first Indian woman to cross the Seven ocean?
Answer: Bula Chaudhary

73. Who is the first female candidate to stand for Presidential election?
Answer: Captain Lakshmi Sehgal

74. Who was the Chief Secretary of Gujarat's first woman?
Answer: Manjula Subramanya

75. Who is the first Gujarati to win the World Children's Chess Championship?
Answer: Ridhi Shah

76 Which was the first woman woman to be appointed as America's ambassador?
Answer: Gaganvishi Mehta

77. Who was the first female literary winner of Sahitya Akademi Award?
Answer: Amrita Pritam

78. Who was the first woman ambassador of India?
Answer: Vijayalakshmi sister Pandit

79. Who was the first woman member of the Lok Sabha?
Answer: Radhiji Subramanya

80. Who was the first Indian woman to head the UN
Answer: Vijayalakshmi sister Pandit

81. What is the size of the playground in volleyball?
Answer: 18 × 9

82. What is the word 'T'?
Answer: Golf

83. Who is the 'Krsna Darshan' of Kutch?
Answer: Ramsinhji Rathod

84. Who is the author of 'Sarvilak' drama?
Answer: Rasiklal Parikh

85. Who wrote the 'remedies' critique?
Answer: Pro. Vishnuprasad Trivedi

86. Who is the author of 'Nayivedya' essay?
Answer: Dollarai Mark

87. Who gave 'Anthology' anthology?
Answer: Natwarlal Pandya

88. Who gave 'Anita' anthology?
Answer: Harindra Dave

89. Who gave 'Anuyaan' anthology?
Answer: Jayant Pathak

90. Who gave the collection 'Statue'?
Answer: Anil Joshi

91. Who is the author of 'well' novel?
Answer: Ashokpuri Gauswami

92. Who is the author of the novel 'Dhagodhari Valley'?
Answer: Vinesh Anthani

93. Who is the author of the novel 'Tattmatmasi'?
Answer: Dhruv Bhatt

94. Who is the 'River of Beauty' Narmada tour?
Answer: Amritlal Wagad

95. Who wrote 'Essence of Surya' essay collection?
Answer: Ratilal 'Anil'

96. Who wrote 'short stories' short stories?
Answer: Suman Shah

97. Who is the author of 'Chhavni' novel?
Answer: Dhirendra Mehta

98. Who wrote the anthology 'Salty Flood'?
Answer: Chinu Modi

99. Who wrote 'Vitana Sud seeds' anthology?
Answer: Ramesh Parekh

100. Who is the author of 'Kalki Katha' scripture?
Answer: Swami Anand

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