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Angel Academy English Grammar Book

Angel English Grammar Book Pdf By Angel English Academy. Book Written By Kishan Rathod Qualified M.a B.ed ( Eng-Method ). You Find Best English Grammar Book For Biggner This Is A Perfect For You. Download  Books For Learning Grammar Or Preparation Competitie Exmas.

This Academy Create Best Materials For Competitie Exam Preparation Candidates. Every Exam Ask English Grammar Releted Mcq Questions It's Materials Is Very Important For Learning English. This Gujarat Angel Academy Provided English Grammar Book Download.

English Grammar 30 Topics


The Use of Capital Letters

Gujarati English Consonants &

Names Writing


Some Very Useful Sentences

Articles A-An-The


This/That + is + Singular

These/Those + are + plural

Singular Plural

Noun & Kinds of Noun

Noun, Masculine & Feminine

Sentence Pattern

Personal Pronouns

To be

To be (am-is-are)

To be (was-were)

To be (will be shall be)

To be (in Short & Mix)

Use of 's) and (of)

To have

Special use of "There"

To have (Present-have & has)

To have (Past -had)

To have (Mix)

To have (Future shall/will have)

Imperative Sentence

Let & Let's

Telling the Time
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