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Nadabet ( Mandir ) Border Gujarat Seema Darshan

Nadabet Border is a village located in Suigam Taluka of Banaskantha district in the northern part of Gujarat state. Nadabat is a village situated on the India-Pakistan border. Here is the famous temple of Nadevari mata. It is also the headquarters of the Indian border security force. It is located 20 km away from Suigam.

Nadabet ( Mandir ) Border Gujarat "Seema Darshan" is the only place in Gujarat to visit the international border, at Nadabet Border.

 It has been open to the public since December 24, 2016 by Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. Here the border can be seen from zero point.

Nadabet Border

Major attractions of Nadabat :-
◆ Indo-Pak Border  ( Zeero Point )
◆ Nadeshwri Mata Mandir ( Temple )
◆ Retreat Ceremony By BSF
◆ Fusion Band
◆ Camel Show
◆ Bird Watching
◆ An Exhibition Of Weapons
◆ A Photo Gallery
◆ Film On Bsf
◆ Audio-Visual Room
◆ Vip Lounge
◆ Food Stall
◆ Selfi Tower

Nadeshwari Temple ( Mandir )

About Nadabet Facts :-

◆ Here festivals are held every year on the day of Chaitra Navam.
◆ Nadevari mata's temple in which the soldiers worship.
◆ The 960-odd pillars of the border fence, called 'Zero Point'.
◆ On December 24, 2016, Nadabat was thus open to the public.
◆ Nadabet is a big big ball in the range of about eight to ten kilometers.
◆ It is a height of 50 feet above the sea level.

Selfi Tower

Border Viewing Time :-

◆ Every Saturday And Sunday For Public.

Road map to go: -

◆ 20 kilometers from Suigam
◆ 108 kilometers from Palanpur
◆ 200 kilometers from Gandhinagar

Nadabet Map

Imports Points For Turrist :-

◆ Before reaching the boundary, it is necessary to seek pre-approval, which will be found only at the place.
◆ The bus facility is provided by Bsf to see the Border.
◆ You can also take your private vehicle, keep it with your id proof.

Nadeshwari Temple ( Mandir ) History :-

According to a legend, the king of Junagadh
When he invaded his sister Jassal from captivity of the Muslim king of Sindh with his huge military convoy, he traveled at Nadabat, passing through here.
At that time, the Charna girl blessed the victory by showing the safe way of deserting the military convoy. This charan is worshiped as Sri Nadevwari Mataji. Nadabet is a historical ancient bat. Before independence, Nadabat was very prominent. There are plenty of things to do. Jagdeepers and Maldharis live here. Natural fountains were running. When the people went to labor in Sindh region during the famine, Nadeishwari
Going fervently by greeting her mother.

Seema Darshan Scheme :-

The Government Of India Department Human Resource Development In Which School Children Are Visiting The International Borders ( Seema Darshan ) Registration Online On Gujarat Turrisum Official Website. Seema Darshan (Border Viewing ) Tour Online Booking Or Registration On Gujarat Turrisum Official Website Visit Or Private Booking Online Any Travel Contact By You.